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The Secret of La Colmar

Not only are exceptional bakers preparing the products from start to finish, but we are also ensuring that nothing but the best, most pure ingredients are making it into all food items served at La Colmar.

To bring the purest and highest quality products to our customers, we realized that there was one ingredient, above all others, that we had to find — the perfect flour. We knew we wanted to create the best product in the country, and to create the best product we needed the best ingredients.

To give you that perfect baguette, we knew that we needed to recreate the French experience, all the way down to having the best flour available. To bring the highest quality flour to Naples, Florida.

The owners and team of La Colmar Bakery & Bistro believe that it’s time we all get back to a healthy relationship with bread. At La Colmar, you can rest assured that our desire to bring you the highest quality product will always remain our top priority.

After tasting our breads and pastries, you will truly be able to understand the secret of La Colmar Bakery & Bistro.