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The Importance of French Flour

Why is French Flour so unique?

French flour is a type of flour that is made from soft wheat. The wheat is harvested in the fall and then stored in silos until the spring when it is ground into flour. This way, the wheat can be ground into flour during the winter months when it is cold and dry outside. The cold temperature keeps the wheat from going rancid, which can happen if it is ground in warmer months.


French Flour has a lower gluten content than other types of flour because it is made from soft wheat. The gluten content of soft wheat is lower than the gluten content of hard wheat. Gluten is a protein found in wheat that gives bread its elasticity.


This means that it will not rise as much as other types of flours.


Why Is French Flour The Purest?

French flour is the best and purest flour you can use for baking and cooking. It is a high-quality flour that is perfect for pastry and bread making. French flour comes from the finest wheat and is usually produced in smaller batches. The flour is sifted and has a finer texture than other flours, which makes it perfect for baking.  French flour is also used in many other products such as soaps, cosmetics, and skin lotions.  The flour is milled in smaller batches, giving it a fresher taste. The French have strict standards for their flour, which makes it high-quality.  The flour is highly sought after because it is pure and has not been processed like other flours.


French flour is basically the same as American flour, but it is milled from different wheat varieties. It is also ground much finer than American flour, which makes it lighter and more delicate. It is great for making pastries, but it does not have the elasticity of American flour, which makes it difficult to use in yeast bread.


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