La Colmar, The Foundation

To truly understand La Colmar, one has to travel back in time to meet young Ana and Yannick. La Colmar is much more than a bakery. It is a culinary fusion. A living lifelong dream of two passionate immigrants living the American Dream. Ana was born in the Dominican Republic to a league of strong-minded women who knew that love was the most important ingredient and the foundation of all things is purposeful existence in both personal and professional lives. Yannick was born in Colmar, France to a second-generation Baker. His father was hard-nosed, ultra structured, and gave Yannick the lifelong structure he needed to become the powerhouse third-generation Baker he is today. The foundation of  La Colmar began in the 1970s. Ana in the Dominican Republic. Yannick in France. Worlds apart. But divinely connected. Two different cultures. Two different upbringings. But wholeheartedly intertwined. Ana and Yannick would meet decades later and the culinary geniuses would give us, La Colmar.

La Colmar, Present Day

La Colmar, rooted in France and generously seasoned in the Dominican Republic. More than a bakery, La Colmar is a culinary fusion. A combination of high-quality products to nurture your three bodies: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Every Product is meant to indulge all your senses.

"Our greatest fulfillment is passing on an ancestral craft in the modern-day", said Ana. "La Colmar's purpose is to transcend you to a time period where quality meant more than quantity." said Yannick. La Colmar's commitment to purity and quality is like none other. From our imported French flour to our fully-integrated ultra-pure water source by reverse osmosis, and sustainably sourced butter. Our goal is to provide ethically baked products using ancestral traditions ratehr than commercialized methods that involve genetically modified or artificial products. We are wholeheartedly committed to our company slogan. La Colmar, Made with Love.

Meet the Team