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The Love of Bread

There is a story behind every piece!

The food in Colmar, France, takes inspiration from several countries; it’s truly unlike anywhere else. The French village is nestled in the Alsace region, only 20 miles from the German border. There is a triangle of varied cultures with France, Germany and Switzerland, which add to the regions’ culinary flavors.

The best of each country has come together to create a region that produces what is considered by many world travelers to have the best culinary experiences and baked goods.

To guarantee that same quality in taste.


To make truly high-quality bread and pastries, we knew we had to find the finest flour. With its long culinary history, it’s no surprise that French bakers have spent hundreds of years studying flour, developing the best techniques, and creating the world’s most robust grading system.

La Colmar Bakery & Bistro is proud to offer authentic French breads and pastries that you would expect to buy in France!

Tastes so good

Freshly baked breads every day

Perfection is not a word taken lightly at La Colmar and it’s our goal to see that everyone who steps into the bakery and bistro has a truly exceptional experience from start to finish.

That experience begins with the smells of fresh bread and pastries baking, and ends with customers realizing that they have just enjoyed the best baguette or croissant they’ve ever tasted.

You’ll want to savor every bite. The crunch and taste of one of our French baguettes will keep you coming back for more. Don’t forget to try one of our delicious French pastries; our éclairs and specialty desserts are mouth watering and considered the best in Naples, Florida.