It’s no secret that we’re kind of biased when it comes to a famous French pastry that happens to appear a lot on our menu…


… croissants!


And being that January is home to National Croissant Day, we thought it’d be a perfect time to go over a little bit of the history of the celebrated French delight.


Though it might be hard to believe, croissants originated in Austria. So much so that when the pastry first came to France in the nineteenth century, you could almost only find them in Viennese bakeries.


By the next century, croissants became a French staple as a sort of takeaway pastry, something you can grab and go.


It is believed by many that the French played the main part in creating the “modern-day version” of the croissant that we all know and love.


Today, it is nearly impossible to go to a French bakery without seeing multiple varieties of the croissant they have perfected over the years.


Yannick, a third-generation baker from France, has of course baked many a croissant in his day.


He’s incorporated some of those delicious recipes into the La Colmar menu, including:


Butter Croissant

Everything Croissant

Raisin Croissant

Almond Cream Croissant

Strawberry Cream Croissant

White Chocolate Croissant

Chocolate Dip Croissant


& of course, we have some croissant adaptations…


Cruffins: Bacon Maple Syrup, Cinnamon Swirl, Dulce De Leche, Chocolate Ganache, Boston Cream

Chicken Salad Croissantwich

Smoked Salmon Croissantwich Benedict

Everything Croissantwich

Lox Croissantwich


To try one of our delicious croissant variations that are sure to hit the spot, come visit us!


You can find us at 80 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34102


Or contact us at (239) 315-4303 for anything else you may need!

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