What’s better than La Colmar’s baked sweets and breads?


We’ll wait…


At times, the convenience of local deliveries is something we all love taking advantage of!


On the other hand, we understand many of you live in Naples a few months out of the year or only come to visit.


So, we “whipped up” the ultimate solution to better serve you both near and far.


And here it is…


Your La Colmar faves will soon be locally delivered or shipped nationwide!


How cool is that?


We will be launching our e-commerce store where you can order your “bake at home” must-haves and have them delivered to your doorstep whether you’re in Naples or anywhere in the United States.


Are you excited about this launch?!


If so, head over to either one of our below social media channels and tell us why you look forward to this new service!

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